Our menu is prepared fresh each day at our Tottenham St. kitchen, and as well as being served there and dispatched to our other location. Our falafel is completely vegan, and if you have it in a plate and not a pitta its gluten free as well.

We have setup a number of discount offers for use in-store and you can find these at the bottom of this page. Keep scrolling for more details.

Falafel| 6.0 - 7.5    (vegan)      

In a plate, with pitta on the side (deconstructed…) 7.5

In a pitta 6.0

Shakshooka | 6.0 - 7.5 (vegetarian)

Shakshooka in a pitta (baked eggs over chili and tomato sauce with zaatar) 6.0

Shakshooka on a plate 7.5

Sabbich| 6.0   (vegetarian)   

Egg, aubergine, our home made hummus, fresh salad

Home made hummus| 7.0   (vegetarian/vegan) 

Home made warm hummus, egg, aubergine, chickpea, olive oil, cumin…with a pitta!

bundles | 7.0-8.5        

Falafel (or any other pitta) + drink 7.0

Falafel (or any other pitta) + sweet treat 8.0

Falafel (or any other pitta) + 8oz soup 8.5

Sweet treat | 3.0

Orange & coconut malabi with roasted almonds (vegan)

tahini, chocolate & crispy rice truffles (vegan)

Banana, Halva & dates shake (amazing. Vegan)

Shoop soups | 4 - 8.1 (2 options daily)

asian chicken noodle
glass noodles, chicken, bok choy, chilli, spring onion

carrot & red pepper (v)
cumin roasted seeds, basil oil 

sweet potato & peanut satay (vg) 
tomato, coriander 

moroccan chickpeas & lentil (vg, g) 
tomato, turmeric, orzo 

lemon & chard (vg) 
cauliflower dumplings

spinach & cashew nut (vg) 
tofu, nutmeg

mushroom & truffle oil (vg, g)  
tarragon, sage, truffle oil

black bean & jalapeño (vg)  
carrot, onion, tomatoes

shrimp island stew
okra, plantain, corn, ginger,
coconut milk

chicken matzo ball (g)
chicken, carrots, celery

lamb fasolia
braised shoulder, white beans

beef dumplings & beetroot  
semolina dumpling, bharat 

beef goulash (g)
spring onions, tomato, peppers

*watermelon gazpacho (vg)
tomato, olive, parsley

spicy cod (g)
paprika dumplings

*When weather makes sense…



We offer a 10% discount for students & C.S.C.S card holders

We’ve also teamed up with Enjoy Fitzrovia and their ‘LoyalFree’ app where you can redeem these offers by searching for Shoop Soup.

Disclaimer: To redeem one of these discounts you must have access to, or fall into one of the below categories. Discounts must be redeemed separately and not in conjunction with any other offer or promotion. 

To be eligible to redeem Student Discount & CSCS Card discount a valid identity card must be provided before payment.

Please play by the rules!