About us


From Tel Aviv to London via Paris, we passionately believe in real homemade good food. We serve up Middle Eastern inspired Soups, Salads and Sandwiches and some tasty homemade Boreka’s and Pastries. The story of Shoop and how it came to be today focuses around us three, that’s me (Noam) and Gilles and Yotam.

We grew up in Israel, all three of us born in the 70's and in a time when most moms would stay at home. School was located close by and finished very early in those days. You were unlucky if you got out later than 13:00...  Among other chores, mothers would cook at these hours, and with the hot Middle-Eastern weather forcing people to leave their windows open, walking back home was filled with the joy of smelling the cooking going on in the neighbourhood.

Enjoying your mom's cooking almost every lunchtime or going to a good friend’s house and eating his mom's cooking was a usual lunchtime activity for us. We learned to love and appreciate homemade food, dishes prepared with love and care. 

Like every person has their distinct handwriting, every mother had her distinct cooking. Even if it was the same recipe. 

As usual with humans -  childhood memories are deeper engraved in our minds and made stronger with the memory of good food.

As adults Gill went to study with Paul Bocuse in Lyon, France. Noam worked as a waiter for many years in a local pub while studying, and Yotam kept eating good simple food. Years later we all met in London. 

One lunchtime in a countryside English pub, on a very cold day we had soup as a starter. Needless to say, it was a delicious soup, which hit the spot taste-wise and weather-wise. Then the idea came up. We started a Soup shop.

We've been open for a short while, and we are still learning every day, working hard to improve on ourselves in all aspects of the business we have created. It's fun for the most part. We enjoy our own food, we enjoy serving people, we enjoy doing it in London.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our staff both past and present whose efforts, hard work and dedication to shoop have made all this possible. We have benefited tremendously from our staff, we are grateful to all the wonderful humans whom we have had the pleasure of working with in the past and to the ones who are still with us.